Hobie Livewell Wont Pump?

Are you having an issue with your Hobie Livewell Not Priming? That is not surprising as it is a submersible pump that is NOT submerged.

That is the PROBLEM! 

You try pedaling the Hobie Kayak faster and faster but your Hobie Live Well will not pump?

OUR SOLUTION is the LivewellPrimer

Check out our  "30 day money back if not ecstatic"   fix to the Hobie Livewell will not pump problem.

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Hobie Livewell Shut Off / Cap

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Face it - everybody loses the cap that comes with this livewell.

This is a much better idea.  Screw  it on and forget it! 

Hobie Livewell Will Not Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Kayak Fisherman That Use Our Livewell Primer


John McKroid Jr.

Winner of multiple S. Florida Kayak Fishing Tournaments


Jon Solow

Florida Keys Kayak Fisherman


Ricky's Kayak (Facebook)

South Florida Tournament Kayak Fisherman


Kevin Greenstein

Inshore Kayak Fishing Tournament Winner


Don McWilliams

Good Old Texas Boy


Juan Diaz

Tournament Fisherman San Diego


Alan Robbins

Florida Everglades Kayak Fisherman


Trevor Hollis

Extreme Kayak Tournament Fisherman


This is the greatest device ever! It solved all of the problems I was having with my Hobie livewell not priming. It made fishing fun again!
Mitch Jones
Kayak Fisherman

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Is losing your bait worth it?
Get the Livewell Primer that fixes the Hobie Livewell Wont Pump Problem

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